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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why Homosexuality is Wrong

1) The Bible strictly forbids it. Only modern "scholars" can wrongly perceive and wrongly intrepret such passages. It's clear -- the Judeo-Christian Scriptures do not provide for homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle, or another valid brand of sexuality.
2) If we all lived out homosexual lives, the earth would be empty of humans in one generation.
3) It is an aberration of marriage and family, which God defined in Genesis as one man and one woman.
4) It does not provide a stable home for children.
5) As an aberration, it goes beyond just homosexuality. It opens wide the doors for men to define marriage, so that bestiality, groups, incest and molestation will become "normal."
6) Just because some animals are attracted to the same sex of their species does not make it natural for humans. By that logic, we should be able to eat our babies and rape, among other things. Along with this, such acts would be decriminalized since animals are not punished for them.


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