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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Orleans thoughts

No doubt about it -- what Katrina did to New Orleans was a catastrophe. The survivors need prayer support, physical support and emotional support.
What gets me is this: why do they complain about the lack of government support? It's a sad commentary on today's society -- I wonder: where was the local support? People want a military presence; where is the local militia?
The hurricane could not have been stopped, and people certainly would have died -- I'm not downplaying that. But whatever happened to people taking care of their own? What happened to women and children first? Society has gone so far from our Juedo-Christian (i.e., Biblical) and Constitutional beginnings that we 1) don't teach Judeo-Christian priniciples (that's why there's so much looting), and 2) we teach communities that they can't take care of themselves, taht they need the federal government to do it.
For certain, if we don't govern ourselves, somebody else will. That's where we are -- we've relied on government so long that we can't take care of ourselves. We have to let judges define simple definitions (IS and MARRIAGE); we have to depend on the President of the US to come to our aid; we have to rely on the Armed Forces to keep thieves off the streets. What happened to everyone owning a gun and shooting thieves on their own? What happened to being pioneering men and women who could take care of their own communities?
Again, this is not to downplay the tragedy! However, so much of this could have been alleviated sooner had their been a local militia, partnerships with neighboring communities (this is NOT the first time this has happened, and it should have been expected) and training the people to be servants to one another.
We can't control the weather, but we can control how we deal with it -- as individuals and as a society. Society is so caught up in working smarter that they don't work hard AT ALL. Teach your children to work smart AND hard. Teach them to think creatively and to act accordingly. And buy a gun. With proper training, it's a great means of self-defense, along with martial arts.


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