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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where the Church Goes Wrong with Homosexuality

While homosexuality is a sin, it is also a sin to bar people who need help from the Church. Christians need to understand homosexuality. Homosexuals are just like any other sinners -- they are people. They are, in many ways, just like all other people -- they are sinners.
The Church universal has not dealt with homosexuality properly. Instead of shunning them, the Church needs to tell them the truth -- there is a way out, and God can forgive them if they will repent. We cannot tell them this if we never talk to them.
We all deal with sins, and many have long-term struggles with desires of many kinds -- drug addiction, pornography, beating one's spouse, verbally abusing family members.
The Church must develop relationships with all sinners; they must discipline those who teach false doctrines; they must equip their congregations to talk about these issues.


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