The Christian Bard

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The recent opinionated Ten Commandments rulings by the Supreme Court skirts the issue of God's sovereignty and the founding of this nation. This nation was founded on the principles of the Old and New Testaments (our system of law is based on the Hebrew canon), and the Founding Fathers did recognize the validity of these principles and wrote extensively about Christian principles.
It's absurd to claim that the Ten Commandments are not the foundation of our system of law, that the God of the Bible is not the bedrock of this country, and that the Ten Commandments would be an imposition of law.
The Supreme Court is pandering to both sides because it does not want the outbreak of heated debate (civil war?) that would ensue -- if they said Yes it's always constitutional to display the Ten Commandments, then the minority who want our lives government-controlled would want pitch a fit that they have to be subjected to any religious authority. If they said No, then the majority of people, who agree with the Ten Commandments, would fight for their rights to freedom of religion, and freedom FROM governmental and judicial tyranny. The Supreme Court as a whole does not have the guts to stand for this country and its principles -- it has to prevaricate, staying wishy-washy to keep the peace instead of make peace.
Chief Justice Roy Moore (yes, I call him Chief Justice because he was wrongly removed from office and is, therefore, technically, still Chief Justice: though I'm glad that Tom Parker was able to step in as a Justice) is a hero for this country. He stands up for God and for the rights of America. Read some of his writings and interviews to see what he really stands for
What we're experiencing with judicial activism is an increased reduction of religious liberty. The Supreme Court doesn't make law -- it judges based on current law. What the judiciary as a whole is doing currently is making public policy and interpreting the constitution and the common law based on their feelings and the constitutions of other countries.
We're America, but through decisions such as this, and through Republican and Democratic parties not standing firmly for the Constitution and God, we're becoming a post-America.
We no longer have the right to publicly acknowledge God; we no longer have the right to keep our property; parents who homeschool or privately school their children struggle against the state-funded schools (aka public schools) to keep their Constitutional and religious rights to keep the government and its influence out of their homes. If this continues, and we don't have Christian men and women fighting for us, and if Christians don't pray, and if people don't attend to their religious duties, then we will become Amerika, the land where all are equal, and we bow to a dictator (Ruth "Darth" Bader-Ginsburg?), and we're all happy that we're all have equal rights to give all of our money and posterity to the government, who will divide it equally amongst themselves, and we're all created equally miserable.

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Christian Bard

In some countries, bards were those who told history and current political events through stories and poems; some were also musicians. God is active in history, and history is His. History is not, as communism believes, the story of man. Christians need to do more to take back music, poetry, art and history.